Favorite Amazon Finds

I’ve recently come across some Amazon finds that I’ve ended up loving. So naturally I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorites in hopes that maybe you will end up loving them just as much.

We all have seen that this is the latest trend but I didn’t want to spend $20 or more for a keyring. This has made losing my keys almost (hint almost haha) impossible! Besides my husband not liking to hold my keys anymore haha.

Everyone loves a good hair tie that doesn’t pull your hair out with it. These will always be my go to!

I used this for the first time for Valentine’s Day..I’m a little challenged when it comes to curling hair. This curling iron gives my hair the perfect volume and mermaid hair. This brand also as the option to buy a pink version but besides the color there is no difference. So save the money and grab this one.

I love using this oil a couple times a week on my cuticles and hands. It reduces the urge of me wanting to pick at my damaged cuticles. I’ve also noticed that it helps my nails overall strength.

HUNTER WHO? We all love Hunter rain boots but let me tell you the size and quality of these Amazon dupes have become my new go to rain boots. (When you click on the link, I bought Black-b)

Last but definitely not least is one of my all time favorite Amazon finds! This is a steal for the price. Who doesn’t love cute scrunchies to go with every outfit.



  1. Molly says:

    Yes such good finds! Love those scrunchies

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