I'm the face and storyteller behind Lindsey Mckinnon Photography. Let's become best friends!! Most days you can find me running after my son Forrest and other days you can find me photographing families, couples and my favorite love stories (aka weddings)! I love to build a bond and friendship with my clients that allow them to trust me throughout this process. I truly believe that being able to capture the images I'm able to is all based on that trust.  

 You will notice throughout my work that I'm 100% NOT about posing in every image. I'm all about capturing candid moments that truly show your personality and your love. I love to allow you to be you....let your quirks shine though, allow you to really smile and laugh! 


I didn't see you there....no really (it's the internet) haha

I want to be more than a photographer or Vendor to you

Human connection

My Approach

From the moment you email me until  after your wedding day, I'm in your corner for anything you need. 
Need help with other vendors? I got you.
Need help with decor ideas? I got you.
Need help with your timeline? I got you.
Need help planning? Guess what, I got you! 

I know that planning a wedding can be hard and stressful. Been there, done that. So guess what, I'm here to help you throughout the process. When you hire me to be your photographer you get more than just a photographer. I'm here to support you in anyway that I possibly can. 

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

One of my favorite details to capture during your wedding day are all the details at you have purposely picked out for your wedding. Those are the things we truly forget about during and after the wedding are all the little thoughtful details we put into our wedding day. SOOOO....no worries we will go over all the little details so nothing will be missed on your wedding day. I love to become friends with my clients, I believe having that trust and relationship is the foundation that creates magical images. My overall goal is that my clients have the BEST wedding experience they can have!! I can't wait to work with you! 

I'm not here to create my own vision of your story.

Authentically telling your love story through my eyes

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