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I'm the creative eye and face smiling behind the camera. My true passion is capturing  pure emotions and moments. I like to consider myself a  professional third-wheel (aka your new best friend)!! So let's get together laugh, have some fun going on an adventure around town or running through fields with your loved one ! I'm a mother of two sweet + crazy little boy's and the wife of a firefighter.  

Most days when I'm not running after my little one you will find me working while watching Food Network, HGTV, The Office or New Girl( if ya couldn't tell from the theme song above)! I'm the type of person that laughs at their own jokes, so get ready haha!  

Who's that girl? It's Lins

Lindsey was my wedding day photographer and boy did we love the shots that came out! Even though she doesn't live in the city, she was extremely flexible and met us in midtown-ATL to go over our overall wedding aesthetic and get to know us a little better...She made us feel very at ease/not awkward at all (we are not pro-photo posers haha). She really captured us in our element and also the beauty of the scenery at each location...So if you are thinking about hiring a photographer, Lindsey is your gal!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" 

Lindsey is your gal!

Cherry + Nemil

I had the most amazing experience with Lindsey! She is so sweet and her work is exceptionally amazing. We definitely connected and built a great relationship so the entire engagement was easy to flow back and forth with! She has impeccable service. And did I mention she is as sweet as can be. Her pictures capture all the joy and happiness in all the right angles with amazing light and never stressed me out once. She actually calmed me a lot haha. I HIGHLY recommend Lindsey for ANY event you need. She's amazing!


Jasmin + Jacob

Lindsey is a dream to work with. From the very beginning, she was very thoughtful and detail oriented. I never stressed with her in charge. She captured our day so beautifully... I am still stunned that we get to keep these memories for life. Lindsey made it feel like we were hanging with our friends, making both of us super comfortable, and our photos show. She delivered value that exceeded the cost. We're so excited for any couples who will get to work with her in the future.


Jen + Brandon

...She has been a joy, a light, and a constant pleasure to work with. Not only is she professional but she also has the biggest, most beautiful and caring heart. She truly takes the time to get to know each and every client, what they’re looking for, and she more than delivers that. You can see the twinkle in her eyes when she picks up her camera and her passion to give clients what they want, which is beautiful moments captured in time - I can say it’s truly what drives her. She is and always will be our family photographer! 


Kayla + Trey

There is a lot to say about Lindsey! We used Lindsey for our Wedding and she was absolutely phenomenal. From planning months before, about what we expected and wanted- what our timeline was going to look like- She took care of it all! The day of our wedding was so quick, but Lindsey made sure to capture every TINY detail. Details I would definitely forget about in years to come. I’m so happy we chose her to document such a special time in our lives. Her personality makes it seem like you’ve know. her for years. Thank you so much, Lindsey!


Molly + Josh

A few months ago my husband and I made the decision to book Lindsey for our wedding, and our engagement session, our pictures came out to be absolutely amazing. She made us be confident and comfortable. I can’t imagine a better experience. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone who needs a photographer!


Diana + Julio