I'm the face and storyteller behind Lindsey Mckinnon Photography. Let's become best friends!! I love to build a bond and friendship with my clients that allow them to trust me throughout this process. I truly believe that being able to capture the images I'm able to is all based on that trust.  

 You will notice throughout my work that I'm 100% NOT about posing in every image. I'm all about capturing candid moments that truly show your personality and your love. I love to allow you to be you....let your quirks shine though, allow you to really smile and laugh! 

Did we just become best friends? 

If you are feeling that connection when looking at my work let’s make it happen! 

Here's the low down:

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1. You give me all the deets on you + your love so I can email you back within 24 hours (will likely dance around the house when I receive your inquiry so give me at least 10 minutes to get that out of my system).

2. We gush about your wedding, proposal, + ring over email, facetime or the phone 

3. We chat deets on budget + what will fit the day you marry your favorite person on the planet

4. I send over an invoice for the retainer + contract so that your date is locked down in my calendar (meaning we make it official official on paper!)

5. We both scream cause I get to be the photographer for your best day + be prepared for all the happy dances + hugs!

Spill the beans. Tell me anything you'd like for me to know. 
Phone Number
Your + Fiancés name 


Wedding / Event Date (if applicable)
What can I photograph for you?
What is your budget?
How did you come across me?
Location of Wedding or Session? 
What stage of inquiring with me are you in? 

If you have any questions please feel 
free to email me at lindseyamckinnon@gmail.com

EKKK!! Thank you!

Your message has been sent. I'll be in  contact with you within 24 hours! 

Office hours 
m-f / 8:00-6:00  
Please feel free to email me directly to lindseyamckinnon@gmail.com


Lindsey is a dream to work with. From the very beginning, she was very thoughtful and detail oriented. I never stressed with her in charge. She captured our day so beautifully... I am still stunned that we get to keep these memories for life. Lindsey made it feel like we were hanging with our friends, making both of us super comfortable, and our photos show. She delivered value that exceeded the cost. We're so excited for any couples who will get to work with her in the future.


Jen + Brandon